A Better Way


“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”

Nietzsche swung his sledgehammer to break down the idols. What remains?

I don’t think he knew. Nietzsche was a Greek scholar, so surely he knew the maxim of Protagoras: man is the measure of all things. And later, but still before Nietzche, Siddhartha Gautama, the historic Buddha (but not the first, and not the last). “What you think, you become.”

If we find ourselves in a dark wood, imprisoned by terrible concepts, and we should just take to the open road, the good news is we can walk a better path, of our own design.

This, ultimately, is what this blog is about: finding a better way. Why I studied disruption at HBX, innovation at The Stanford GSB; left my firm, created a new one; became a formal student at a zen monastery; sit zazen for hours. Search for mentors, pay it forward. Study the way we create meaning through story. And try, try to wake up.


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