The Kalon Law Firm


Let’s take the zen story, “Now that my house has burned down, I have a better view of the moon,” and apply it to the law.

The house that needed to be burned down was the conventional view of how to practice law.

You know this view: a foyer with a receptionist, a cubical for a staff member, and an office with a door for the attorney, who wears a suit and talks on a landline. She gets to work early, leaves late, and works on Saturday. If she has an associate, he has an annual billable goal. The office has piles of paper, a filing room, and storage in the basement.

None of this is desirable or necessary.

Tech allows Kalon to be digital and dispersed, eliminating the need for paper, landlines, and an office. The lean business model eliminates the need for a billable goal.

There’s more.

What if we no longer privileged profit, and instead privileged purpose, mastery, and autonomy?

We did so at Kalon. And we found our bliss.

Purpose, mastery, and autonomy gave us our Kalon Fellows, our Pro Bono Clinic, and our Salons, Cicero, and Workshops. A flat hierarchy. An intentional culture. A devotion to giving back and paying it forward.

Kalon is a better view of the moon.


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