Kalon Principles

The morning agenda

If we are going to have a better view of the moon, what does that moon look like?

It looks like what emerges when you are guided by these principles:

1. A lean business model. That means if we don’t need it and it doesn’t serve our vision, we don’t have it. As a result, we have no individual offices, no foyer, no secretary.

2. Giving back and paying it forward. That means service. As a result, we have our pro bono clinic, our fellows, our salons, workshops, and Cicero.

3. Intrinsic motivation. That means purpose, mastery, and autonomy. We have purpose by pursuing meaning in our work, mastery by a focus on mentorship, and autonomy by eliminating an annual billable hour goal, letting people work where they like, dress as they wish, and be free of micro-management.

4. Our tribe. We listen to each other, respect each other, and support each other. We have a flat hierarchy where whoever can best fill the role steps up. When someone stumbles, we pick her up and talk about how to improve, not focus on failure.

We chart our path on these principles, which serve as guiding stars in the night sky.


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