The Inferno

Dante begins “The Inferno” as follows:

In the middle of the journey of our life, I came to myself, in a dark wood, where the direct way was lost. It is a hard thing to speak of, how wild, harsh and impenetrable that wood was, so that thinking of it recreates the fear. It is scarcely less bitter than death: but, in order to tell of the good that I found there, I must tell of the other things I saw there.

When you begin to question the conventional ways of doing things, shift your path, and explore, you find yourself in a dark wood, which seems impenetrable.

What to do?

Hundreds of years later, the great American poet, Walt Whitman, provided an answer. Go forward. You will find you are larger, better than you thought, that you hold more goodness than you knew.

Here is a wonderful realization of his poem, “Song of the Open Road.”